Our Expertise 

Design Trend Analysis

With an international background, we combine a global vision, local insight and a thorough understanding of cultural landscape.

Product Strategy

At Olaf McTarn,we incorporate trends and market information with a thorough analysis of the history and DNA of your company or organization to generate a relevant and appropriate product development program for you.

Design Direction

We clearly communicate product strategy to supply chain partners and team members, creating a buzz of enthusiasm to stimulate innovative R&D.


James is a respected colorist who uses sophisticated and precise color skills to match the demands of the market in a fresh and innovative ways, creating a cross divisional cohesion to the color pallet of your entire product offer.

Editing and Merchandising

Following the creation of new prototype product, we apply an incisive and lucid editing process for you to produce maximum readability in the final product offer to your client.

Expertise in Technology


We have a deep knowledge of a full range of natural fibers to help your company to come up with a desirable aesthetic and performance properties in a new textile product. 


We have direct experience in the creation of new yarns, particularly in color blending and fancy twisting.


Our extensive knowledge of woven, knitted and printed textiles and technology crosses both the apparel and interior sectors.


James has extensive hands on experience of both wet and dry finishing processes and dyeing techniques in a wide range of textiles and leather.

Quality Assurance

We have intimate knowledge of inspection processes, fault analysis and compliance issues.

Supply Chain Transparency

The relevance and ethical necessity of sustainable, ecologically responsible adjustments required in standard operating procedures of the textile industry is the major motivation behind the creation of Olaf McTarn.  We constantly work to keep ourselves aware of the latest technological advances to help you achieve your company’s sustainability goals.

Expertise in Management

Team Leadership 

James is a natural communicator, able to clearly transmit strategy in an inspirational way, inciting enthusiasm and team spirit in a cohesive manner. 

Diane follows up with a more silent motivation and positive reinforcement.

Talent Development

We have a lifelong passion for textiles, an openness to new discoveries and a desire to transmit this information and experience to emerging talent.

Supply Chain Liaison, Interdisciplinary Communications

With Olaf McTarn, you will find a natural facility and ability to resolve issues at any point in the supply chain.  We do this with extremely clear communication across all levels of design, production and management, based on our direct experience in fiber, yarn, fabric, clothing, accessories and home furnishings production.  


As objective outsiders with in depth knowledge of the textile production chain, we have an ideal vantage point from which we analyze your existing structures and procedures and help you to integrate and streamline these processes where possible, to facilitate greater efficiency.

– Diane and James Welstead and Olaf, founders, Olaf McTarn

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