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who is olaf?

Olaf was born as autumn let go of summer and prepared for the long winter.

Olaf is made of us: leggings wearing Scandi-lass meets opinionated kilt wearing Scotsman. Maybe that’s why he anticipates the icy frosts and breath wrenching winds with such a solid sense of coming home. And he knows how to dress to keep warm.

MEet jamie & diane

We've been working together in the clothing and textile industries for over 40 years, living in Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy and the USA.

We design, design, and design - so much so that it can be hard to know where to stop.

Olaf is the result of our conscious effort to put all our accumulated textile expertise into one beautifully crafted piece.

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Write to us

We're a little old fashioned here at Olaf McTarn. We like things that last and mail that's slow. You can write to us here:

11 route du Mariech

81240 Le Vintrou


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